My handwriting is messy. I wish it was better! Doesn't matter if I am writing in English or Japanese, it's chicken scrawl. Thankfully, there's a new machine to write clearly for me.

This is the Word Writer from Tokyo's Max Ltd. It's a printer that can use a ballpoint pen, a felt tip marker, or a pencil to clearly print words and letters.

Here's the cool part: Besides being able to print Japanese characters, it can also print the English-language alphabet, the Russian alphabet, and the Greek alphabet, as well as various types of symbols and pictograms. The printing isn't fancy, sure, but it's serviceable. Below, you can see a clip via Macotakara:

In Japan, people value handwriting whether that's for business envelopes or greeting cards. The country is hardly unique in that regards, and for those with crap handwriting, a printer like this could come in handy! Here's the uncool part: Units start from 90,300 yen (US$877). At that price, I think I'll stick with my chicken scratch.


マックスの実際にペンが動いて字を書くワードライタ「BL-80」がなんか凄い! [MACお宝鑑定団 blog]

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