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Have A Coke And A Powerful Custom Gaming PC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Maingear presents the much more attractive alternative to spilling soda on your keyboard. The boutique system builder is partnering with major brands to create one-of-a-kind branded systems, and their first one is all sorts of ridiculous.

It’s not Coke, but between the custom-made Coke bottle reservoir and cola-colored coolant it’s close enough to make me thirsty.


The bottle is the cap on a very attractive build Maingear is calling the Rush 1ofOne, part of its new 1ofOne program that promises plenty of silly stuff like this. Along with glass bottle and the probably not thirst-quenching fluid showcased in fancy tubing, the Coke-themed system also features a custom extension that runs the graphics cards parallel to the motherboard.


All the better to see the custom cooling on the two Nvidia GTX 1080 cards.

Here’s a basic list of what’s inside and out:

  • Functional glass Coke bottle reservoir
  • Custom crystal hardline water cooling
  • Unique one-of-a kind chassis modifications
  • Luxury automotive paint finish
  • Intel i7-6950X 10-Core CPU
  • Dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 Graphics Cards
  • HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4-2666
  • Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe
  • EVGA X99 Micro 2

The first thing I would do if I had this system would be to ruin the aesthetics with a bunch of extra storage, so it’s probably for the best there’s only one.


Seriously, so thirsty now.