Have a Baby. Get Some Money!

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Japan's population is graying. The population is shrinking. Until the country can either open up immigration or mass produce robot citizens, there's only one thing left to do: Screw.


One of the culprits always blamed for the country's low birth rate is corporate Japan. Namco Bandai is looking to change that with generous bonuses.

Namco Bandai will give employees (male or female) ¥200,000 (US$2,600) for their first or second new baby. For the third new baby, Namco Bandai will pay ¥2 million or $26,000.


The company is also creating a "Kid's Room" at its Shinagawa headquarters to look after children. The room is staffed by professionals and filled with Namco Bandai toys.

Child care can be expensive and even scare in Japan, and raising children is also costly. Here's a company that not only makes toys, but is vested in helping its employees make families.

バンダイナムコ、第3子生まれた社員に200万円 [日本経済新聞]

(Top photo: Lee Jin-man | AP)

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I really don't see a problem with the population shrinking slightly... aren't there enough freaking people around here? Does every nation have to be a god damn China?

Is overpopulation not a concern?

With fewer people there are more jobs and resources available per individual... Quality of living increases over all.

What's the argument for desiring an increasing population? Really, I'm curious.