Haunting Half Life 2 Mod Dear Esther To Receive Substantial Overhaul, 2011 Commercial Release

In 2008, Dan Pinchbeck of the University of Portsmouth created an interactive "ghost story" titled Dear Esther using Valve's Source Engine, and its associated Half Life 2 art assets. The game achieved enormous critical success, and established a devoted cult following. Now the title is set to receive a substantial makeover with the help of Indie Fund, and is due to enjoy a commercial release later this year. Indie Fund is an alternative funding option for independent game developers, founded by a roster of indie vets that includes Jonathan Blow and Kellee Santiago.

According to Indie Fund's announcement, Dear Esther's environments will be re-envisioned by Robert Briscoe, formerly an environment artist for 2008's Mirror's Edge, and will likewise undergo enhancements to its voice-acting and musical score.


Indie Fund claims to have selected Dear Esther because

...it is a unique expression from a video game artist we look forward to seeing more work from in the future...[it] stands out in that it is a mod-turned-indie-game, something that would have been unlikely to get traditional publisher funding, even if it were a more standard gaming experience.

For more information about Dear Esther, check out BeefJack.com's Dear Esther Blowout, which includes a summary of the game's developmental history, and an interview with its creator.

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