Bludgeon as a Cobra agent, riding with Ravage in a Vamp decorated as the Autobot Jeep Hound. Does it get any better than that? Yes, yes it does.

Snake Eyes with an Autobot symbol? Eh.

Bludgeon is a repaint of Budo. The hat still doesn't fit.





Sexiest, if a little on the small side. The coolest piece in this $99.99 set, however, is this:

The Jetfire-decorated Skystriker is gorgeous, even if I had to apply approximately 2,000 "NOT A STEP" stickers.


The extra bits form an extra cockpit.


So much pretty.

In comparison, Hound is a little bland.

I was pretty certain Metroplex was going to be my hands-down favorite of the show this year, but then I cracked open this set. Now I wish I had gotten the previous entries in the series.


Oh don't get angry, baby — you know I still love you best.

Well, unless I find something better at Comic-Con tomorrow evening. We'll see.