Has the PlayStation 3 Been Cracked Again?

The last time somebody got past the PS3's copy-protection defences, it ended in lawsuits and, albeit indirectly, a massive security breach that brought down the entire PlayStation Network. Here's hoping the next time somebody manages, things are a little more peaceful.


That next time may already be upon us, with videos and reports surfacing showing a USB "dongle" similar to that used by the infamous PS Jailbreak being plugged into a PS3 and seemingly allowing the user to access a disc-free version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

So, yeah, it looks to be exactly the same kind of device used last time, only this time it gets around the copy protection routines put in place by Sony after the last time.

Which is how these battles always go down! And always will!

PlayStation 3 hacked again? [DigitalFoundry]

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