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Has Square Enix Cancelled Final Fantasy Agito XIII?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Square Enix bossman Yoichi Wada presided over the company's shareholder conference late last week. Dragon Quest IX still doesn't have a release date, but saying that he really wants to release it and thought the game would be ready for sale this year. Wada added, "But I said the same thing last year." Square Enix thinks it's possible that Dragon Quest IX could sell up to ten million copies. (No wonder Wada wants to release the game.)

Also, due to internal loses on development, the company went back and reconsidered in development titles. A mobile game has been shitcanned, apparently. "Concerning the title that connects to the home console," Wada said, "development has been ceased as it is unsuitable at the current time." Wada's remark has lead to some to wonder whether that cancelled mobile game is Final Fantasy Agito XIII as it was supposed to connect to upcoming home console game Final Fantasy XIII.


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