Has Someone Already Won a Million Dollars from MLB 2K11?

Yesterday someone uploaded a YouTube video purporting to show him completing 2K Sports' Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge in MLB 2K11. While it's confirmation of nothing, it may signal another early end to the game's sweepstakes promotion. [Warning: The audio gets very loud and NSFW after the final out.]


Excusing the lag-fest and skipped audio, on its face this would appear to be legitimate. The entire game - we're seeing just the final half-inning or so - must be reviewed by 2K Sports and Twin Galaxies, the officiating partner it's brought in to certify the results. This would include showing things like the console being powered on, the game being chosen in MLB 2K11 and then played through, with no mound visits or pauses, all in one take.

The perfect game was spun using Philadelphia's Roy Halladay - the 2010 National League Cy Young winner and cover athlete for MLB 2K11 - against the New York Mets, whom the player says is his favorite team, actually.

Some have questioned whether defensive shifts are allowed - I believe that they are, as the designers wanted the game's emphasis on defense to play as much a role in pulling off a perfect game as strong pitching. Unfortunately, as Pasta Padre pointed out, the winner here seems to get by on a steady diet of batters chasing high curveballs, which is disappointing to see.

I've checked in with a 2K Sports representative to see if the publisher can confirm receiving any perfect game submissions so far. My guess is they have, but who knows. 2K has said they will announce a winner as soon as one is certified. Last year, Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Ala. threw a perfect game on the first day the challenge was offered, but had to wait for a month for an announcement.

Has Someone Already Won the MLB 2K11 Perfect Game Contest? [Pasta Padre]



Maybe I'm just spoiled by The Show, but this game looks really bad.

Anyway, it's cool that 2K is doing this, even if it's just a marketing gimmick to sell more copies.