Has GLaDOS from Portal Invaded the Olympics?

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It's been a long time since I've played Portal, but this Olympic Stadium rig sort of looks like GLaDOS from Portal.


Kotaku tipster Ian summed it up: "Anyone noticed the speakers hanging from the athletics stadium at the Olympics kinda look like GLaDOS?" No, but now that you mention it...

As several Kotaku readers have pointed out this is a speaker set up with lights. Then again, it also might be Aperture Science's latest genetic lifeform and disk operating system, out to kill and make us all feel very, very guilty.

Olympic Stadium GLaDOS [DeviantArt Thanks, Ian!]


It is the back side of a speaker rig. The speaker system is a Line Array set-up, commonly used for concert productions. The bottom "square" is most likely the sub, but hard to tell. Either way, yes, it is a speaker system (pulling a little double-duty with the lights rigged to the truss supporting the speakers).