Has Aging Changed the Way You Game?

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Commenter Sumada feels he doesn't appreciate games as much as he did when he was younger. In today's Speak Up on Kotaku we explore how aging has changed the way you play and appreciate video games.


Lately I've been thinking about why I don't appreciate games as much as I did when I was younger. I feel like I just burn through a lot of games now, and I don't get as wrapped up in them or enjoy them as much. At first I was thinking that it was because I was a lot busier, and so I had to pick and choose my games more carefully, so I was more critical of ones I didn't like.

But now I'm thinking almost the opposite is true-because I have more money, and because of rental/trading services like GameFly and Goozex, I have access to a lot more games, and so I really don't invest as much energy in each game. I remember when I was younger, I used to play games over and over, and not just for achievements or for completion, but just to play it again. That is really rare for me these days. These days I tend to play a game, maybe go back for some trophies/achievements, and then move on to the next big game. I'm in such a rush to play _everything_, and I have so little time to do so, that even the games that I should spend lots and lots of time on kind of get rushed through.

Part of me wants to say that means I should stop playing as many games, and try to just pick the games I really want to play and just play those. But sometimes the games that I didn't expect to be the best turn out being the most fun, and sometimes when I build too high of an expectation, a game can't possibly live up to it and it lets me down. Does anyone else feel like they don't appreciate games as much as they did when they were younger? Or maybe more importantly-does anyone feel like they haven't stopped appreciating games as much as they got older?

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Age has changed the way I play, I mostly play single player games nowadays. Back in my youth, I use to play Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena... Use to be the only people who had decent enough rigs to play these games on PC were adults, but nowadays any 12 year old can get his hands on a console and play online. Now I get to hear some kid who is just discovering his dick spout expletives that if he were on the street saying that to another man, would just end up getting him shot. Where is Mom while the kid is saying these things? Using the X-box as a babysitter while she goes off and sells sex for crank? Way to go Mom... Or Dad... Yeah, Dad is selling sex for crank too. While fucking the neighbor lady, and fucking the neighbor dog. Dad's a winner too, if somehow these couple has managed to stay together, one might say this kids parents are bi-winning.

Also World of Warcraft totally ruined any fun in online games for me, cause now every shooter has to have XP and perks that unlock, use to be we all had the same stats right out the gate so it was all about skill. I quit playing World of Warcraft when I realized how much of a grind questing was for items and equipment, so why would I want to grind in Modern Warfare? I don't need a second job, I need a recreational tool, and all modern shooters are not that. I mean seriously, they just announced Modern Warfare 3, aren't there any Modern Warfare fans who hate leveling a level 50 character AGAIN FOR A THIRD TIME! Shouldn't you at least carry a character over and maybe add 10 levels like WoW does for veterans of the game?

So I pretty much stick with single player only on games now, I want an interactive experience that makes me think. Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Vanquish, Portal 2, Crysis, and soon L.A. Noire and Deus Ex 3... Only time I play online is with friends so I don't have to put up with anyone else's crap. Which is sad cause a part of me wants to play more fighting games I have Super Street Fighter IV on PS3 and haven't even put in my system, and barely played Marvel Capcom 3... Yet my Super Street Fighter IV on 3DS has been played to death. Guess it's just another way am getting old with games.

(At least Fighting Games don't have you rank up 50 levels to get all the moves and characters, least everyone starts still in those games on an even level)