Has A Single Piece Of Concept Art Ever Sold You On A Game?

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Before I knew a single piece of information about Lords of the Fallen, I knew I wanted to play it. Whatever is going on in this image, I want to be a part of it. Has that ever happened to you?


I didn't know Lords of the Fallen was an upcoming role-playing game from Poland's CI Games. I hadn't a clue the project was being led by Tomasz Gop, former senior producer on The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. Hell, had I read the official description of the game, due out in 2014 for next-generation consoles and PC, I probably would have simply made a note to wait for something more concrete than generic-sounding plot and promises I've heard before.

Lords of the Fallen is a hardcore action-RPG featuring an advanced combat systems and robust class skill trees. Set in a richly created fantasy world where the Gods have failed mankind, players will take on the role of a human named Harkyn who sets out on a quest to stand against an apparently unstoppable supernatural force. Players travel across a world that is deeply divideded by those that follow and others that resist, the Fallen God. Along their journey they will be faced with a series of decisions that will alter both the world and their character thus dramatically impacting the storyline.


But no, I saw the art first, and now I am intrigued. An image that chances are won't even appear in the final product. That's some powerful mojo.

Luke Plunkett regularly celebrates the work of concept artists in his Fine Art series, through it I've developed a healthy respect for those often unsung heroes. They're thrust into the front lines of the game marketing war, and sometimes they manage to win the battle without a single screenshot fired.

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I dunno - we were all pretty hyped when Team ICO showed the picture of the chain going into the well.

'Course having the game come out would... be good.