Natsume announced today that Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming will hit the Nintendo DS next month. This begs the question: when was farming ever not frantic in Harvest Moon?

The twist here is that instead of having to coax stubborn soil into yielding seasonal crops — the status quo of Harvest Moon games — the island you're farming is overwhelmed with fast-growing vegetables. Your objective in the role of one of 12 playable characters is to find out what gives with the overabundance. Also, there's Score Attack, Mission Mode, Free Play and multiplayer modes.

By the way, it's a puzzle game. Which means I won't be that into it because from what I remember of Puzzle de Harvest Moon, you couldn't get knocked up — which is too bad because to me it just isn't a Harvest Moon game if your character is not producing on all fronts instead of just the crops.

Look for Frantic Farming in August.