Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has inked a deal with Sony to create Pottermore, a strange hybrid between a website, a game, an online store and an encyclopaedia (Potterpedia?).


While there's been recent speculation that the partnership between the two would result in an MMO, that's clearly not the case, Pottermore instead serving as a portal of sorts for the fantasy universe where fans can read more of the series' backstory and buy digital copies of the books.

There will be some game-related stuff, like the ability to join Hogwarts, "visit Diagon Alley, get sorted into a house, and cast spells and mix potions to help your house compete for the House Cup", but really, the focus here is on selling books and keeping the licensing money pouring in now the series is finished.


Pottermore will be web-based, with no mention made of Sony's dedicated gaming platforms.

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J.K. Rowling Announces Pottermore [Sony]

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