Hopefully all you iOS users have had a chance to play around with Rock Band edveloper Harmonix's goofy new music-type app-thing VidRhythm. If you haven't, I recommend giving it a go.

Joystiq reports that in the tradition of Rock Band 3's user-generated "Rock Band Network," Harmonix has released computer software that will allow the more creative among us to build and upload their own song templates. It's downloadable from Harmonix's website.


The app has sold well enough to merit further support, so expect to see more official Harmonix tunes in the future, and possibly some new iOS projects. Speaking with Joystiq, Harmonix creative director Josh Randall said, "Suffice it to say it's doing well enough to keep supporting VidRhythm, and to think about what other experiences we can bring to iOS next."

Here's hoping that whatever iOS game Harmonix makes next comes bundled with tiny plastic instruments. And in the meantime, if you're sick of remixing "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs," now you can make your own entirely original song. Might I suggest "Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pigs?"

VidRhythm adds user-uploaded tracks, has Harmonix eyeing iOS for the future [Joystiq]

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