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Harmonix To Release Rock Band: AC/DC?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Activision released Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, didn't go down too well. Well, not as well as they'd have hoped. The Metallica version should do much better. But what about Harmonix? Think they're gonna take all this artist-specific stuff lying down? Like hell they are. We've today heard that the developers are at work on Rock Band: AC/DC. And not just at work on the game, but a massive marketing exercise to go along with it, featuring t-shirts, branded guitar controllers and even branded pickguards (ie faceplates). It's unclear whether this will be a standalone disc product or a massive DLC pack, but hey, at least it explains what ex-AC/DC drummer Chris Slade was doing at Harmonix's E3 gig a few months back.