Harmonix To Release Rock Band: AC/DC?

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Activision released Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, didn't go down too well. Well, not as well as they'd have hoped. The Metallica version should do much better. But what about Harmonix? Think they're gonna take all this artist-specific stuff lying down? Like hell they are. We've today heard that the developers are at work on Rock Band: AC/DC. And not just at work on the game, but a massive marketing exercise to go along with it, featuring t-shirts, branded guitar controllers and even branded pickguards (ie faceplates). It's unclear whether this will be a standalone disc product or a massive DLC pack, but hey, at least it explains what ex-AC/DC drummer Chris Slade was doing at Harmonix's E3 gig a few months back.



Wait a second!

Not even a month ago, All you Rock Band fanboys were dissing Activision for having Artist exclusives becuase it doesn't help the consumer at all. These string of comments were a result of a Harmonix PR guy saying that it doesn't help the consumer. You all praised Harmonix for not doing band exclusives...

And now you are praising Rock Band for the very thing you dissed Activision for doing?