News of Rock Band's new gamer-driven network which allows artists to upload and price their own music, didn't come without a warning and some help from Microsoft's Xbox Live Enforcement Squad.

The Rock Band Network, which launches later this year for the 360, has artists submit their songs to a group of "Harmonix-trained freelance game developers" who will prep the tracks for use in game.

The group will also be on the look at for things like over-the-top profanity and copyright infringement, Stephen Toulouse
program manager in charge of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, told Kotaku.

"We actually went out to Harmonix in March and talked to them about what if someone made a really obscene song," Toulouse said.


Toulouse said he isn't too concerned about a copyrighted song or obvious obscenity sneaking through to the marketplace because of the human filters Harmonix has put in place.

"The chances of it making it through the system is very low," he said. "They are using the community games pipeline which can report directly to us."

And Toulouse's team is involved both before the music is released and afterward, he said.


The trip to Harmonix in March is just an example of one of the ways the Live Enforcement Squad is working to make Live a safe and fun place for both gamers and publishers, he said.