Hardcore Gamer Lives In Net Cafe For Two Months, Claims It's Training.

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A Chinese man in Wuchang, Hubei Province, China has been living inside an internet cafe for over the past two months. When questioned as to why he was in the cafe, his answer was, "I'm training for gold."


The man, 23-year-old surnamed Wang, has been staying in a net cafe located on the corner of Xujiapeng, Wuchang. The story about Wang started circulating Chinese message boards earlier this month but no one really took it seriously, that is until Chinese internet news portal Tencent sent out a reporter to the location to verify the story.

According to the message boards and verified by Tencent, Wang has been sitting at the number 76 machine for over two months. He eats, sleeps, and lives within the cafe. Supposedly over the course of his stay (reports say that he's still at the cafe now), Wang hasn't changed his clothes or taken a shower, and he's starting to reek because he's been too busy "training for gold". Wang's apparent stench has been driving other players away from his vicinity.

Miss Xiong, the proprietor of the net cafe and some of her employees have tried to get Wang to take a break from his "training" but Wang refused. Xiong says that because Wang has paid his fees they can't really ask him or force him to leave.

Tencent reports that the true purpose of Wang's stay at the net cafe is more than just "training for gold" but instead gold farming. It appears that Wang is a Chinese gold farmer, he plays online multiplayer games and collects gold and equipment for other players in exchange for real world cash.

When questioned by the reporter whether or not Wang was worried about his health, overall well-being and if he was worried if his stench was affecting nearby players, Wang replied,"I don't know you. Go Away".

小伙吃住网吧两个月浑身发臭 自称代练游戏 [Tencent Games]

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Killermonkey (Your argument is invalid)

I'd like to make a slightly off-topic point about the quote:

"he plays online multiplayer games and collects gold and equipment for lazy players in exchange for real world cash."

I admit that i have bought gold on occasion, but i resent the term that this is because i am Lazy. I have quite a busy lifestyle looking after 3 kids and a fourth on its way while maintaining a full time job and a full time wife. At the time of buying gold i was playing WoW and was deeply invested in the game. However i wanted to enjoy the game for all its worth, i felt that if i wanted a solid income of in-game gold and to enjoy every aspect of the game (being better geared and therefore doing raids etc) i would have to exchange IRL money for in game gold so that i could then level up my proffesions. I was also running a guild and put most of the money into the guild bank so that people could use it for repairs. From one stand-point this could be deemed as being lazy, but for me i just simply did not have enough time in the day to do all of this and still enjoy the game the way i enjoyed it (i.e. not farming endlessly to level up a proff and instead be doing raids etc).