Happy Holidays From Fallen Earth

There might not be any snow in the post-apocalyptic world of the MMO Fallen Earth, but that won't stop the Wastelanders from building Dirtmen while waiting for the Seasonal Arctic Network of Toy-based Altruism to arrive.

The Archivist Coalition has finally determined the date for the New Year, and they're sponsoring a First Night festival to celebrate. Wastelanders from all over the Grand Canyon Province will join together, briefly putting aside their differences, at least until Seasonal Arctic Network of Toy-based Altruism (S.A.N.T.A) and the Emissaries Leaving Free Stuff (E.L.F.S) visit. Once the fruitcake arrives - that's when the shooting generally starts. At least in my family.


Fallen Earth passed along some postcards to go along with the celebration, and they are pretty much as creepy as you'd expect. At least now we know why Rudolph's nose was so red.

If this sort of humor tickles your tickly bits, then perhaps Fallen Earth is for you. Visit the game's website to find out.

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