Happy Hardcore Holidays

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Holiday greets, and an absurdly hard platformer level, from Platformance.

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Been playing Demon's Souls again. I imported the American one back when I didn't think the EU one was going to ever come out.

To my surprise the servers were still running and there were still lots of players. I swear when I first got the game there was some agreement where I could only play if I agreed that they could take the servers offline after a set date whenever they wanted.

It's really fun still. With the knowledge of my first playthrough I am having more fun cause I know what to avoid and what skills to choose. I never reallly did much invading but I couldn't control myself on the first night and kept giggling cause I was dominating tons of low level players.

I remember this one dude who clearly has the upperhand and used magic for ranged attacks. I ran away and hid around a corner and was going to just jump him when he walked nearby. He never budged and I got impatient so I waited for him to starting attacking enemies and midway through his spell I rushed right at him and used my high stamina to eat his health.

Made me feel satisfaction that no other game has done in years. I wanna play it right now but must work :D