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Happy Early Thanksgiving - Here's A Sackboy With A Turkey On His Head

Illustration for article titled Happy Early Thanksgiving - Heres A Sackboy With A Turkey On His Head

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, Sony and Media Molecule present a dead, skinned bird carcass you can wear on your head! Children of all ages will have countless hours of fun with this free holiday DLC, especially when they imagine the poor sackboy suffocating to death inside the poultry-corpse cap, desperately trying to chew through the ribcage with its tender little teeth in hopes of blessed oxygen, only three post-Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches away. You're welcome. Turkey head is available with today's PSN update, along with the $1.99 chimera costume from Resistance 2 we mentioned previously. LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update - Thanksgiving Edition [PlayStation.Blog]


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HAHA...reminds me of Mr.Bean...