Happy 20th Birthday, MOTHER!

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The hard-working kids at Starmen got in touch to let us know that today - July 27, 2009 - is the 20th birthday of the MOTHER series, otherwise known in the West as Earthbound. Happy birthday!


On this day in 1989, the first MOTHER game was released in Japan, for Nintendo's Famicom (ie the NES). Very few of you will have played it. Actually, very few of you will have played any games in the series, even the second one, which was the only one ever released outside of Japan, as Earthbound for the Super Nintendo. Which is a shame! They'll hurt you they're so charming.

Which is why I'm going to point you towards Starmen's fan translation of Mother 3 for the GBA. Because it's awesome. And you should play it.



Whew! I thought this was gonna be another creepy story about some kid in the UK having kids and their kids making them little figures for her birthday. Glad I was wrong. :)