Hands-On Dead Rising 2 Weapon Crafting

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First things first: You can't take any two things you find in the zombie Vegas landscape of Dead Rising 2 and turn them into a weapon. But there are still plenty of weapon-crafting options in the upcoming action title.


The latest gameplay sizzle revealed for Dead Rising 2 is the ability to collect design schematics in the game and then take them back to a workshop and craft fun new weapons, like a bucket crowned with power drills or a lawnmower turned into a two-handed zombie blender.

Both, actually most, weapons result in zombie chum.

My time playing the game last week kicked off with a visit to the workshop. On the table rested two chainsaws and a kayak paddle. Pressing a button kicked off a short animation that had Chuck Greene strapping the saws to the paddle to create a paddle saw.

It was a short animation, but unfortunately, it sounds like you'll have to watch it every time you create the saw. And that saw, as with all of your weapons, eventually wears down.

Back on the fictional Fortune City's strip I paddle saw my way upstream through the river of zombies that greets me. Eventually, the chugging chainsaws run down and I hustle my way down the walking-dead crowded strip heading to the Pawn Shop.

The Pawn Shop has a collection of these crafted weapons already made, for a price. I pick up a Tesla Ball, which I can bowl into zombies to electrify them. Thrilling.

Next I head over to an adult store on the strip, picking up a pink "massager" and changing my outfit into something a bit more alluring. Almost-assless chaps. But I don't like the look, so I change Greene into a mesh shirt.


Back on the strip, I lay into the zombies with my massager, until I accidentally toss it at a zombie stripper.

Returning to the Pawn Shop I pick up a pair of boxing gloves with knives strapped to them. The weapon lets me claw my way through the crowd of zombies outside with a series of roundhouses.


I stumble into a nearby peepshow, Greene disappears for a few seconds, returning with a smile on his face and health recovered.

I try picking up an over-sized squirt gun, but the streams of water seem to just tick the zombies off.


I wrap up my timed-run through Fortune City by picking up a modified lawnmower at the Pawn Shop. Heading outside I walk up to an obese zombie and hold in the attack button. Greene lifts the running mower over the zombie's head and pushes down, blending the creature into a thick red soup.

While you can't invent your own weapons in Dead Rising 2, you can try discovering some of the combos without having the schematics by bringing different items into your workshop and experimenting.


Other weapons I saw crafted included adding gas to that ineffective watergun to turn it into a flamethrower and strapping nails to the outside of a propane tank to create a bomb.


WhiteMåge is in fact a boy, damnit

I stumble into a nearby peepshow, Greene disappears for a few seconds, returning with a smile on his face and health recovered.

What the hell is a functioning peep show of living, unaffected-by-what-is-going-on humans doing in...um...an extremely busy town with a 99.999% population of zombies?