Handmade Fable Fortune's Tower Card Set: a Limited Edition of One

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Shawn Baxter, aka the Capcom-Unity all-star contributor Snow_Infernus, thought for certain someone would have made a Fortune's Tower card set based on the Fable II Pub Game. When no one did, he got tired of waiting, and made his own.


The attention to detail put into this thing is simply mindblowing. For the cards, Baxter took photos of the cards from Pub Games, imported the images into Adobe Illustrator, recreated them there, added distress marks and imperfections to artificially age them, and had a print shop specially order a parchment card stock to print up three decks.

But wait, there's more. The chips. Made of wood in the video game, Shawn got his father, a Chicago artist, to create ceramic chips by hand. Shawn redrew the Fable guild seal and had a special stamp created for his father to emboss the chips. Then they were deliberately underglazed to make them also appear old and worn. Then comes the box. Shawn's cousin is a furniture maker, so, boom, he built that to specification, included an old oiling technique to finish the wood and give it comparatively aged appearance, too.


In all, the materials cost $400. That's not what raises my eyebrows; it's the fact this was only a two-month project.

Anyway, Lionhead, Microsoft Game Studios, Molyneux, whomever, now you have your prototype. Make it happen. I don't think Shawn's dad and cousin are taking orders for the rest of us anytime soon.

My Hand Made Fable Fortune's Tower Set [Capcom-Unity, thanks Noah L.!]

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That's some serious dedication right there.

But does Shawn promise anything and then fail to deliver in true Molyneux style?