Hand Over the Roast Beef and Nobody Gets Hurt

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Happy Tuesday, Kotaku-eers. Welcome to another late-night open thread. I'm your friendly MC, Benekirk Humblethatch. Have you had a good start to your week? Are you as excited as I am that Justified's third season begins tonight?


You may be taking tomorrow off to boycott SOPA, but we'll still be here at Kotaku, reporting SOPA news and indeed, other news. Which means this open thread will still be here in a few hours, specially made just for you. So, dive in and tackle any of the following conversation-starters, or whatever else you'd like to gab about.

And that's that. Have pleasant conversating.

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I realized last night/this morning that I can never have a girlfriend or anyone I care about live with me.

When I came home from work last night I was so full of anger and frustration at my job and life in general that while trying to put away dishes I grabbed the plastic strainer and smashed it against the counter. Pieces of plastic went flying everywhere. It was a moment of pure rage. Like the monster living inside broke free for a second.

I can only imagine what would have happened if I had a girlfriend/wife/kid/pet in the apartment with me. Would I have thrown them against the wall instead? Would I have punched them in the face for no reason? It is hard enough to keep the motivation to live every day. If I hit someone I love I think I would have no choice but to walk out of the apartment and jump off the nearest freeway overpass because I know I could not live with my self after that.

I dont know how I lost control and that scares me. But what scares me even more, smashing that strainer felt good, really good. I saw the caveman that lives inside me and I hate it. I hate even more that it is still inside me, waiting for the chance to come out and smash something.