Hammer Back A Few With Warhammer Online Beer Steins

After a long day in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, one builds up a big Orcish thirst. The best way to quench said thirst? Drinking your beverage of choice (mead, ale, blood, etc.) from an officially licensed WAR stein.

Those lager or Mountain Dew-holding steins can be pre-purchased as of right now, one in Order of the Griffon design, another in The Raven Host design, each designed by Warhammer Online artists Michael Phillippi and Eric Polak. Individually, they're just $99.99 USD, but can be bundled in the Epic Combo for a completely reasonable $179.99 USD.


If you want something a little fancier, opt for the "Legendary" versions of each. These 32 ounce stoneware steins feature an 18k gold-plated lid plus hand-painted gold trim, weighing in at an impressive 2.75 pounds. The Legendary upgrade will set you back $159.99 USD each if you pre-order, $299 USD if you bundle 'em. They're limited to 500 each and will ship to thirsty Warhammer fans in May.

Go on. Drink up, Warhammer-style!

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