Halo's Spartans Are Not Made, They Are...OK, They're Made

Popular Halo web series Red vs Blue just got a little more real, with this veritable army of real-life Spartan suits built to honour the machinima.


Back in 2007, Shawn Thorsson and his friends thought it'd be a hoot if thy could go trick-or-treating dressed as the characters from Red vs Blue. Now, in 2010, "three years, two ships, and one war and who knows how much money" later, Thorsson is finished, and true to his word, he and his friends spent Halloween dressed as the stupidest Spartans to ever serve in the United Nations Space Command.

These aren't professional pieces of work. They didn't roll off a production line somewhere in China. A guy and his friends made these, over three years, in his backyard. Truly amazing work.

My HALOween Project is Finally Finished [When My Brain Leaks, the Drops Drip Here, via Make]

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