Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Have 450 Achievements

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The compilation also has 4,500 gamerscore – a new record for any Xbox title.

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Jason C.

I haven't cared about achievements/trophies for a very long time, so this kind of announcement just annoys me. Are achievements still that strong of a selling point for people? When Microsoft first started using them, they felt fresh and fun. As more and more games came out, the challenge to increase your score to compete with friends got more exciting! Then something weird happened. All of those games you would 100% lost their 100% status because of late DLC. Some games did 1250, and others would go up as high as 1750. Is started to get ridiculous.

Then when Microsoft started just spouting "Achievements! Achievements! Achievements!", they didn't feel like "achievements" anymore. It felt like Halloween candy being given out for doing much of nothing. More games started adding more achievements, and now we are hitting the mid-way mark of the obnoxious. 4500 achievement points? So... what's next? 7500? Or should we just blow it all up and make Halo 5 have 10,000 achievement points?

What's the point anymore? Or was there ever a point? Maybe I'm just delusional.