Gearbox's top dog, Randy Pitchford, talked about Borderlands and whatnot for five minutes, then someone asked about rumors of Halo 4 and Pitchford's reaction was enough to freak the PR-mans.

Borderlands forms the crux of the chat, then comes a curveball question to the CEO at 5:09 of this video - "Oh, we nearly forgot! Are you making a Halo game for Microsoft?"

Pitchford at first tries to laugh it off, and you hear the PR liaison in the background mumble something, while Pitchford brings the conversation back to Borderlands, and then mentions Aliens: Colonial Marines, and this is media training 101. But Pitchford's follow-up doesn't finish the job.

"It's no secret that we have some other things in development," Pitchford said.

"Is one of those Halo?" asks his questioner.

"Haha! We're not going to talk about anything," Pitchford replies, and it sounds like someone is stepping in to end the discussion right there.


This of course is confirmation of nothing. It's denial of nothing, too, but one gets the sense this was a total surprise question, and the way it was handled will certainly keep tongues wagging.

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