Halo: Reach Picks Up Anniversary's Maps Next Week

Illustration for article titled emHalo: Reach/em Picks Up emAnniversary/ems Maps Next Week

If you have last year's Halo: Reach and aren't interested in the Halo: Anniversary high-definition remastering of the original game, you still can get up the four classic multiplayer maps shipping with it.


The "Anniversary Map Pack" will include six multiplayer stages—Battle Canyon, Breakneck, High Noon, Penance, Ridgeline and Solitary—plus Installation 04, as a Firefight map, for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). It will be available Nov. 15, with the release of Halo: Anniversary.

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"you still get the four classic multiplayer maps"

"The Anniversary Map Pack will include six multiplayer stages... plus a Firefight map"

Which is it? :p