Halo: Reach Live-Action Trailer: No Spartans, No Shooting, No Explosions

Microsoft has released a new trailer for Halo: Reach today, and it's continuing the franchise's recent tradition of eschewing pre-rendered cinematics in favour of real men being shot by real cameras.


It's not as flashy as the first live-action Reach trailer, nor is it as memorable as the ODST clip, but it's probably just intended to set the scene for the events of Reach, and it does a good enough job of that.


I just hope "insurrectionist" isn't a word we hear a lot of in the game. A real word it may be, but it's an ugly one.

The clip is one of several that were actually first made available to Halo fans playing an alternate reality game; if the others turn up, we'll post them too.

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Aaron Utain-Evans

That was a decent little scene, but...what exactly did that have to do with the game?