Halo: Reach Gets Its Own Xbox 360 Controller

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A product listing briefly appearing on Xbox.com revealed a sleek and sexy silver Halo: Reach branded Xbox 360 controller, likely release in conjunction with Bungie's Halo swan song this fall.


The Xbox.com product listing for the Halo: Reach Xbox 360 controller came and went quickly, but not before the image of the shiny new controller leaked all over the internet. Priced at $59.99, it features a nifty silver hue and the sort of details you might find on a set of battered Spartan armor.

Expect more information on the Reach branded controller and other surprises as Comic-Con continues. Microsoft has two Halo panels at the show, one tonight with Bungie and another on Sunday covering Halo merchandising tie-ins.

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I'm starting to get upset that Microsoft didn't design the 360 controller to have swappable faceplates like the actual system. All these designs are cool, but they are all the same controller. I know it's a money thing, but why has it always got to be that way? Bastards.