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Halo Keeps Getting DLC For Every Game Except Halo Infinite

The wait for whatever ‘The Endless’ is might be endless

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Master Chief and the Arbiter hold hands in a trailer for Fall Guys' Halo crossover event.
Screenshot: Mediatonic / Microsoft / Kotaku

Halo is getting a wave of DLC, but not for Halo Infinite. Rather than a proper narrative expansion for 343’s latest first-person shooter, the longtime sci-fi series is instead getting…a duo of tie-ins. One’s for Fall Guys, Mediatonic’s platformer royale. The other’s for Microsoft Flight Sim, Microsoft’s flight sim. Sure!

Released last fall for Xbox and PC, Halo Infinite is the first entry in six years for the long-running series of first-person shooters. Unlike the prior entry, Halo 5: Guardians, the story follows longtime series protagonist Master Chief the entire time. Along the way, it folds in a number of antagonists not previously seen in the mainline series and ends on a precipitous cliffhanger, teeing up a multiverse of possibilities.


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Going into Microsoft’s big annual Xbox showcase, fans expected something, anything, on the Halo Infinite news front. Some imagined developer 343 Industries would unveil a new mode for the game’s free-to-play multiplayer component. Others assumed the studio would formally announce some sort of campaign expansion. (In December, Microsoft trademarked “The Endless,” the same name as a species of ancient extraterrestrials referenced in Halo Infinite’s campaign.)

Microsoft / Xbox (YouTube)

Microsoft ended up focusing its showcase on “games available during the next 12 months,” and didn’t mention anything regarding Halo Infinite. But at the end of a reveal for Microsoft Flight Sim, which is getting a 40th anniversary edition later this year, there it was: the barest glimmer of hope. Via free update, you can now fly a pelican dropship from the Halo games in…well, just Flight Sim. (Halo Infinite used to let you, too; a first-season exploit allowed you to pilot a pelican. It has since been removed.)

Epic Games / Xbox (YouTube)

Yesterday, during the second of Microsoft’s two press conferences this year, came the second blow. In a trailer meant to spoof Bungie’s seminal “Believe” ad spot for Halo 3, Mediatonic announced another tie-in: the “Spartan Showdown” event in Fall Guys. From June 30 through July 4, you can earn Halo-themed cosmetic options in the peppy multiplayer game, including suits themed after Master Chief and the Arbiter.


The wait for a proper Halo Infinite expansion, it seems, might be endless.