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Halo Infinite Devs Can't Replace XP Boosts Wasted During Server Outages

343 Industries says it doesn't have the ability to refund consumables if Halo suffers from server issues

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: 343 Industries / Xbox

Some Halo Infinite players are frustrated that they wasted useful XP boosters by activating them right before server outages knocked the Xbox shooter offline and now it sounds like 343 Industries won’t reimburse players wasted boosts.

Earlier this month, Halo Infinite players were unable to play the game for just over an hour. Not a huge deal. Online games go down, it happens. And the outage was taken care of in less than two hours. However, some players that night used double XP boosters before the servers went down and because the timer on these temporary boosters clocks down continuously, even when not playing, many players wasted some of these useful consumables.

As spotted by PCGN over on Reddit, one Halo player contacted the dev about the wasted booster and received a message from the studio that wasn’t what good news. According to 343 Industries, they can’t replace wasted boosts.

“We appreciate your patience on this issue. While we do not have the ability to give or replace the XP boosts you’ve lost during the server outage, we want to inform you that access to Halo Infinite servers is now restored. If you are still having trouble getting into matches, please restart the game and try again.”


Considering how angry and toxic the Halo subreddit can be, even getting shut down not long ago over continued harassment and threats towards devs, it probably won’t surprise you to know this message led to a lot of debate and venting from players.

This also reignited the old debate about how the boosters work in Halo Infinite. Many, myself included, find it odd that the boosters count down the moment you activate them, even if you are stuck in a lobby looking for a match or if the servers go down for an extended amount of time. It’s very possible to use up half or more of your booster’s time waiting for matches. It also means I rarely use them because I never know if I’ll be around for the full time or if something will pull me away.


A lot of players want 343 to change how boosters work, making them only countdown when you are actually loaded into a match. Seems fair to me.

As for wasted boosters, it seems unlikely that 343 can individually replace every booster that was wasted for each specific player. A better option would probably be to just toss a few to everyone who logs in during the week.


Meanwhile, some good news from 343: It will start letting players earn credits in Season 2 of Halo Infinite. Currently, you can only buy credits, the main currency used in the game’s cosmetic shop. And recently, 343 lowered prices in that shop after continued feedback from players.