Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales Of The Halo Universe

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Republic Commando author Karen Traviss takes her first stab at the Halo universe in Halo: Evolution, a story anthology coming in November from Tor Books.

Halo: Evolutions presents fans of Halo literary fiction a little light reading to help them pass the time before Greg Bear's Halo trilogy kicks off in 2010. Tor has lined up a slew of bestselling authors, from series veterans Eric Nylund and Tobias Buckell, to newcomer Karen Traviss, whose Star Wars: Republic Commando and Gears of War novels have been some of the best gaming-themed reads ever produced.

"The chance to explore corners of the Halo universe, whether obscure or popular, is something we are always excited to do, but the chance to shine light on these dark corners with the talents of these wonderful luminaries, is a pleasure indeed," says Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director, 343 Industries. "The combination of fresh eyes and old hands guarantees a brilliant continuation of a Halo tradition."


And let's face it, a few of the Halo books have been a bit dense. It should be nice to have a bunch of bite-sized, easily digestible stories to keep us company over the winter holidays.

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Please do we have to?

Karen Traviss is the most overrated nerd theme writer on the market today.

Frankly I wouldn't mind reading some more books from the guys who did those Mass Effect novels.