Halo: Eurotrash

The fight is finished. Humanity is saved, the Covenant dispatched to the far reaches of the universe. What's left for Master Chief, now he's hurtling alone through space? Why, pop music, of course. German pop music.


Look, Germany, as a nation, you build a lot of great stuff! Cars, trains, weapons, watches, video games, elevators, even your rock n' roll is great. But your pop? Could do with some work.

With one exception, of course.

[via Joystiq]



lolwut?! As a German I am once again deeply embarrassed. Maybe someone remembers the Singstar Aprés Ski post from months and months ago? Yeah, I bet Mr. Wendler here was on there as well.

Anyway: This is NOT German pop music. It's a genre called "Schlager" which is more closely related to "traditional" (Bavarian) music and while popular here in Germany, not necessarily present in the usual radio stations or even MTV. German pop sounds and looks like this: [www.youtube.com] or this [www.youtube.com]

The people in the video resemble (except for the SF characters of course) other German "Schlager" stars by the way. I can see Heino (guy in the red jacket), Dieter Bohlen (the blond guy with the shades) and Wolfgang Petry (long curly hair and mustache). I think there are more, but I don't remember. If you really, really want to know more about Schlager music, just try a search on youtube for Wolfgang Petry or Jürgen Drews (the self proclaimed "King of Mallorca" which would be like the "King of Perpetual Spring Break" I guess. Oh, wikipedia also has a short paragraph about "Schlager" [en.wikipedia.org]