Image credit: 343 Industries
Image credit: 343 Industries

Halo 5's Overtime update arrives tomorrow, adding Oddball multiplayer mode and 4K textures. Starting around 4:00pm you’ll finally be able to run around with a human skull in your hands for a few seconds before getting lit up. The update will also add more commendations and re-balance some weapons.

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It really bums me out that Halo 5 seems to have been all but forgotten with a lot of people because it’s actually a really good game. It corrected a lot of the mistakes 343i made with Halo 4, even if the solution to “Halo 4 has a really cynical story that ignores or outright reverses a lot of the storytelling narrative themes and events from the prior Halo games” was “Halo 5's story is an incomprehensible mess”, but, y’know... at least they did something!

(Honestly, I just wish more people cared about Halo 5 because I really want to see somebody dig into the clear slapdash nature of the single player; so many of the campaign’s story beats or even gameplay features feel unfinished or just plain nonsensical and I would love to learn what was originally planned or at least how they wound up with the final product.)

Then again, I also haven’t played Halo 5 in months simply because nobody else I know is playing it (and Splatoon 2 has taken up my limited online shooter time) so... I’m not exactly helping.