Halo 4 and a Whole Lot of Kinect Headline Microsoft's Big E3 Press Conference

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There will be a new Halo trilogy, starting with late 2012's Halo 4. That was the show-ending big news in a Microsoft E3 showcase that pushed Kinect hard.


How much Kinect was there?

We had Kinect Star Wars, a game that lets you control a Jedi hero with gesture and voice.
We had Ryse, a motion-controlled game that has you sword-slashing through the fall of Rome.
We have Minecraft with Kinect support coming to the Xbox 360 in late 2012.
We have Ghost Recon Future Soldier letting you take weapons apart and mod them with Kinect-enabled hand gestures.
We got Fable: The Journey letting us cast spells with waves of our hands.
Add in Kinect FunLabs, which will support the long-promised Kinect features like scanning real objects into a video game world.
And there will be Kinect support in EA Sports games.
More!... Kinect support for the entire Xbox interface and to watch live TV, including local channels. ... Kinect voice-controlled Mass Effect 3!

And there was some non-Kinect news: A Halo re-make for this year.



I don't get all the hate for Halo, CoD, Battlefield, or any major game that comes out. Why is it when a new game comes out...its milking...what constitutes as milking? Doesn't Nintendo release the same "Mario Kart" game over and over but just for a different platform? Its successful and people are willing to put down their hard earned money to play these games.

I figure, as a community of gamers, we'd be excited to see that these companies are still pushing these titles. Okay, I get it, you want innovation and creativity....but isn't that when you turn to OTHER games that offer something different? I love Halo because it is Halo...because of what that offers me as far as experiences/enjoyment. Same goes for CoD, Gears, and every other freakin' game out there. And you can't say that these developers arn't trying out different things are or improving on SOMETHING. I would imagine it is hard to balance "new" and "old" without upsetting the fan base or balance of the whole game all together. If I want to try something different...?

Dark Souls is coming out. Not for you? Well, Seasame Street is coming out too! Still not different enough for you? Why is it that some of you gamers expect these franchises to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades?

I play Zelda games because I like being a punk who crashes pots for rubies.

I play GTA because I hate hookers....lets be honest, they're not even real people.

I play CoD because I like explosions, feeling like a badass, and mindless killing.

I play Mass Effect because it gives a different angle on "space marine" and you get to sex up your cast....AND have slight RPG elements.

I play NFS because I'm no good at simulation racers and like feeling like I'm going fast.

Each of these games and countless others offer different experiences to all gamers...it really just depends on WHAT you're looking for and where you're looking.

"Oh, great. Another Halo. I bet it has sci fi weapons and supersoldiers"

Well, no-fucking-derp. Its Halo. That's what Halo does! I know haters are going to hate but does anyone think before they post?

Soon, you guys are going to complain about food not tasting like other food. "Damn, These apples are good but where is the innovation? I want my apples to taste like PINEapples."

If you want pineapples, go eat a fucking pineapple....don't continue to eat the apple and complain that it doesn't taste like another fruit.

D: Good lawd.

Sorry guys, I just needed to rant. :/