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Halo 4 and a Whole Lot of Kinect Headline Microsoft's Big E3 Press Conference

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There will be a new Halo trilogy, starting with late 2012's Halo 4. That was the show-ending big news in a Microsoft E3 showcase that pushed Kinect hard.

How much Kinect was there?

We had Kinect Star Wars, a game that lets you control a Jedi hero with gesture and voice.
We had Ryse, a motion-controlled game that has you sword-slashing through the fall of Rome.
We have Minecraft with Kinect support coming to the Xbox 360 in late 2012.
We have Ghost Recon Future Soldier letting you take weapons apart and mod them with Kinect-enabled hand gestures.
We got Fable: The Journey letting us cast spells with waves of our hands.
Add in Kinect FunLabs, which will support the long-promised Kinect features like scanning real objects into a video game world.
And there will be Kinect support in EA Sports games.
More!... Kinect support for the entire Xbox interface and to watch live TV, including local channels. ... Kinect voice-controlled Mass Effect 3!


And there was some non-Kinect news: A Halo re-make for this year.