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That Halo 3: Recon issue of Game Informer is out there. People are reading it, people are absorbing stuff about Halo3: Recon, people are posting that stuff on the internet. What we know so far is that the game has a hub-like structure; you play as a rookie ODST troop, tasked with tracking down some lost squadmates. While you're looking for them, the game is going to be a little bit open-world, as you wander the streets of New Mombasa looking for clues on their whereabouts. Once you find those clues, the game switches things up; you get a flashback of what happened to that soldier, and then you play that flashback, taking control of the troop in question for a more linear Halo level. Also revealed is that you won't have shields in the game (you are, now, just a man), and you'll have an RPG-like PDA there to help you out. Oh, and Joss Whedon nerds will be overjoyed to hear that the "rookie" has been voiced by Nathan Fillion, otherwise known as "the dude from Firefly". Halo 3 Recon goes open-world [CVG]


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