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Do you like to crowbar people?

Half-Line Miami really is exactly what it sounds like: a mash-up of Half-Life and Hotline Miami. Itā€™s a fast-ish top-down shooter, but with Half-Life locations and, of course, the gravity gun. Oh, but unlike both of those games, itā€™s free. Otherwise, itā€™d be a one-way train ride to Lawsuit City 17.

Hereā€™s what it looks like:

Itā€™s got eight levels, one for every major region in Half-Life 2. Thereā€™s also a level editor, so people can contribute their own creations. Next step: Hotline-Miami-fied versions of Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 (I wish).


Half-Line Miami isnā€™t quite as silky smooth as Hotline Miamiā€”nor is it as detailed and riveting as Half-Life 2ā€”but itā€™s a Combine-crushing good time. I just got done trying to beat a level by bludgeoning everyone to death with a medkit because, you know, irony. And hey, itā€™s more Half-Life, which is nice given that SOMEBODY WHOSE NAME RHYMES WITH ā€˜VALVE WILL NEVER MAKE HALF-LIFE 3ā€™ has apparently decided to never make Half-Life 3. Check it out here.

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