Half Life Remake Black Mesa Tantalizingly Previewed

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"Is Black Mesa the ultimate Half Life mod?" That's the question Atomic MPC asked after going hands-on with a near-final build of the eagerly anticipated Half Life Black Mesa mod. I'm so jealous.


The front page of the dev team's website has us calling the mod "hot shit," yet still they tease. It's been years in the making, and now that it's inching ever closer to release they're flaunting it.


What did Atomic MPC have to say after playing through the opening level, inbound?


Okay, they said a bit more than that.

The combination of attention to original detail, and new material provided by the modern team is impressive. If you've ever tried to go back to Half Life you'll know the old engine really isn't aging well; this, however, makes the game fresh and up to date.


I was playing Half Life just yesterday for an upcoming product, and was taken aback by how badly the original holds up to everything that's come since. It's still an amazing game, but it could use an overhaul.

Full use has also been made of the Source engine's implementation of Havok physics. Most items can be picked up and thrown around, and the explosive action is much more chaotic than ever before. But it's the simple things that amuse, it seems - we spent more time than is probably healthy stacking chairs, folders and magazines on the Anomalous Materials reception desk during our initial run through.


Hit up Atomic MPC for the full preview. I'm not sure I can stand writing about it anymore.

I want to stack chairs on the Anomalous Materials reception desk, dammit!

Is Black Mesa the ultimate Half Life mod? [Atomic MPC]

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Can someone tell me what was SO great about the Half-Life games? I've played them but they're not that amazing...