Half-Life 2 Still Looks Pretty As A Postcard

Just when the memory of how beautiful Half-Life 2 can be begins to fade, Reddit user Enjuaguese reminds us all with these panoramic shots of the game's City 17.

Included in this gallery is the original work, a massive picture spanning the first glimpse the player gets of the city and the looming threat of the citadel beyond. If it doesn't display properly for you in our gallery, the link to the original is at the bottom.


There's also a panoramic shot of the "pick up that can" asshole from the game's opening sequence. Seeing him like this, you begin to understand: he's not really a bad Combine. He's just lonely.

Sci-fi shooter Half-Life 2 was first released on the PC all the way back in 2004. Seven years on and, as you can see, it's still a sight to behold.

[via Reddit]


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