While most modders are intent on making 2004's Half-Life 2 look better, the guys behind Half-Life 2: Classic are doing the opposite: they want to make it look worse.

The small team of five have released a small playable demo showcasing their work, which transplants the areas and action of Half-Life 2 and rebuilds it in GoldSrc, the modified Quake engine that Valve used for the original Half-Life.

Why? Because why not.

While there’s a demo out, the team are still wrangling with some decisions, like which way they want to swing when it comes to the game’s visuals:

We’re still debating if we should stick close to Half-Life 2's graphics, or if we should downgrade them on purpose, and if so, how much. We may even make optional high-res models for the hd model pack, while keeping the base game’s models low-res. But it depends on what most people want.

You can grab the demo at ModDB.


Thanks DSOGaming.