Half-Life 2 Comes To Mac Tomorrow

Steam for Mac gets a big update this week with the addition of Half-Life 2, coming to Mac OS X on May 26.


Valve has confirmed that Half-Life 2 plus Half-Life 2: Episode I and II will be available to Mac users as of this week's update. A long wait, some five and a half years since Half-Life 2 was released on the PC, but a welcome addition nonetheless.



Why du they even bother wasting time porting this to Mac.. If your a gamer then you defiantly will not get a freaking Mac. So chances are most Mac owners aren't much of a gamer.

And also.. where the fuck is episode 3.. they seem to have all the time to waste on a pointless port. Yet they cant get out a simple episode.. They seem to be missing the whole point in episodic content..