Hakan Oils Up For Super Street Fighter IV

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While everyone pretty much knew he was coming, it's still nice to see Capcom take the wraps off Super Street Fighter IV's final new character Hakan with a couple of trailers.


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There's a gameplay trailer, above, and a character trailer below. Amazing how, even in these lo-fi web clips, he's already so oily.


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Super Street Fighter IV will be out at the end of April, and will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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Ok I officially hate this guy already.

1) Street Fighter doesn't need these 'comical' lame fighters (Dan should be the only comical fighter).

2) His moves are all extremely lame (and I thought Seth's ultra was ridiculous, these take the cake).

3) What the frak is that thing on his head?!

4) Then I watched the trailer for him, and lost all faith in Capcom. Is this Super Benny Hill Fighter IV??