To: Owen
From: Stephen
Re: When I Get To Friday...

It feels wrong to be writing about video games all week, disseminating so much information to the public and not personally mentioning the suffering in Haiti once.

I considered some Haiti stories to write for Kotaku, reached out to some people in game development with Haitian roots to get their thoughts on the earthquake in Haiti that has ravaged that nation's capital. I didn't hear back from those folks I contacted as they may be focused on other affairs.

I know some people don't like when their gaming news is interrupted but interrupting it for something like reminding people of a tragedy that may have cost the lives of up to 100,000 people this week seems like a worthy inconvenience.


We only published one Haiti story this week, but I do hope our worldwide readership was aware and found in their hearts — and maybe their wallets — sympathy for those who suffered a true horror. You could give to the Red Cross or other charities.

We can't interrupt our coverage of games for every bit of human suffering, but this one, well, I don't think it would be controversial to do so. All the best to anyone in the Kotaku readership who has been afflicted by this tragedy.


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