If you've seen The Ring, you'll certainly agree: Long hair is scary.

Website Vnlonghairs.com is a paid membership site ($15 a month!) for those who want to look at photos of Vietnamese women with long hair. It doesn't look to be a porn site per se. It does look to be numerous photos of women with very long hair. Yes, it's creepy.


As website Byoukan Sunday explains, for Japanese people, these images unintentionally look like Sadako from The Ring. Sadako, of course, climbs through televisions and kills people.

Here is a juxtaposition of Vnlonghairs.com pics and Sadako.

Long hair, short hair, whatever. People can style their hair as they please—and, yes, there has been a tradition of long hair in Vietnam. However, if you do have long hair—really, really long hair—it might be a good idea not to cover your face with it, climb out of televisions, and kill people. Just a suggestion.

ベトナムに貞子のようなヘアーモデルが集まる会員制サイトがあることが判明 [秒間SUNDAY]

Photos: hopeliesat24framespersecond, Jwave, Red Room

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