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Hackers Are Targeting High-Profile Employees, Says Microsoft

Illustration for article titled Hackers Are Targeting High-Profile Employees, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed that a "handful" of accounts held by current and former high-profile Microsoft employees have been hacking targets.


In a statement issued to The Verge, Microsoft stated that a "group of hackers are using several stringed social engineering techniques to compromise the accounts."

While Xbox Live doesn't ask for social security numbers for Xbox Live, Microsoft noted that the hackers are going after a third-party agency with collects social security numbers.


Then, the hackers were apparently able to use that to get a string of passwords and security measures and use them to gain access to the Xbox Live accounts.

Investigative reporter Brian Krebs has been tracking these hacks on his blog, KrebsOnSecurity, and noting that access to these hacked accounts was supposedly being sold.

In its statement, Microsoft also added, "We are actively working with law enforcement and other affected companies to disable this current method of attack and prevent its further use."

Kreb's blog (below) contains more info about the suspected hackers and about their alleged attacks.


Kotaku is following up with Microsoft and will update this post should the company comment.

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