Next month, the PS3 will be ditching its Linux operating system support — something that the console has had since it launched in 2006. There must be a way to stop this, no?


On April 1, Sony will release the next firmware update for the PS3, bringing it to v3.21. It seems the sole purpose of this update is to remove the "install other OS" feature from pre-Slim models of the console. Hacker Geohot is already working on a fix, sister site Gizmodo points out.

Geohot, a key player in jailbreaking the iPhone, is totally hacked off by Sony's decision to remove Linux, blogging:

When 3.21 comes out, I will look into a safe way of updating to retain OtherOS support, perhaps something like Hellcat's Recovery Flasher.

Those who are keen to try out Geohot's fix (at their own peril, mind you!), stay away from Sony's April 1 firmware update. ony is quick to point out the install is "optional", but then, if you refuse to upgrade, you'll no longer be able to sign into the PlayStation Network or play any PS3 games (or Blu-Rays) that require v3.21 (or higher). Not really optional!

Many, however, are pointing the finger directly at hackers themselves for Sony deciding to remove the OtherOS support from the PS3.


PS3s Running Linux Could Be Saved If Hacker Geohot Finds The Cure [Gizmodo]

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