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"Hacker" May Have Asked for Microsoft's Help Breaking Into Call of Duty Creator's Emails

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to a report from Robert Schwartz, the lawyer currently representing Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella in their big case against Activision, the notorious "Project Icebreaker" sounds even crazier than we first thought.

Schwartz tells Game Informer that Thomas Fenady, the Activision IT expert approached to hack into Infinity Ward's email servers, made a rather unlikely call for help when he ran into problems after breaking through IW's firewall.

"He sees there is a firewall there, but he breaks through the firewall", Schwartz says. "He's now seeing their email server, but he can't make any sense out of it. So he calls Microsoft and says, 'Hey we have this Microsoft Exchange server out at Infinity Ward. Can you help us figure out how to break the password and read ­the ­emails?'"

"Microsoft said, 'Do you have a court order? This makes us feel very uncomfortable.'"

As, you know. It should.

Obviously lacking a court order, Fenady then approached a company called InGuardians, who after a slight hesitation were the ones really turning this into a bad spy movie, allegedly recommending things like fake fire drills so personnel could sneak in and steal data from computers.

The revelation was made as part of a long interview over at Game Informer that I'm surprised was even published. No, really, these guys are about to enter into a massive court case and they're going to the press playing "he said, she said"? This is a court case, not a PR exercise.

But hey, we're not complaining. This is entertaining stuff!

We've contacted both Microsoft and Activision for comment, and will update if we hear back.

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