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A sixth grader from Osaka is in protective juvenille custody after accessing an online game site with somebody else's password.


The 11 year-old Osaka girl is accused of violating Japan's Unauthorized Computer Access Law after figuring out the name, birthday, and password of a 12 year-old middle school girl in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The game in question is free-to-play game Ameba Pigg.

The sixth grader told authorities, "I was jealous of the in-game items the middle school girl had."


A life of crime at eleven, kicked off with something that could be handled with some responsible parenting and understanding police officers. But why allow that when there's tax money to spend and this kid broke the law?

Catch all those grade schoolers, because they're the real threat!

大阪の小6女児を補導 不正アクセスの疑い [西日本新聞]

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